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HLBox17b: the ultimate toolbox
Worthy successor to 17Smi and 17Ims, HLBox17b alone accounts for the essential tools that any player and map must have:

  • Automatic Installation of maps (zip, rar, 7z):
  • Do not waste time! Install hundreds of maps in seconds without having to worry about files location. HLBox17b do it for you and you can be sure that the map function properly!

  • Maps Packs creation:
  • Create a zip archive of your map by incorporating automatically all the necessary resources (textures, sounds, models, sprites, skies, etc ...), and only them!

  • Extract gcf and vpk files :
  • View and extract the files included in the steam gcf and vpk files.

  • Check for textures
  • View and export the textures included in the wad or bsp (wadincude) files.

  • Clean steam folder
  • Clean in one click your steam folder and delete unneeded or duplicates files!

HLBox17b still offers many more features that we invite you to discover for yourself.

Of course, the use of this software is completely free!

Note that you will need Microsoft. NET Framework to use HLBox17b.
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FTP Install
45 seconds and 2 clicks to install a custom map of 15Mb on the server!!

After the arrival of 17SMI, the worries of installing maps on a local machine were set for the common people.

Our FTP installation system does the same thing, but directly to a game server, via FTP.

Conceived and designed by 17's Buddies, this feature unique in the world has sometimes been imitated but never equaled !

This function (compatible with maps HL1, HL2 and all its mods) is accessible with one click from our downloads. Just to indicate the settings of your FTP server game and our script will extract the files in the map, directly on your game server using the FTP settings you have indicated.

The results are INCREDIBLE : The measurements showed a gain of speed until 50 times compared with a normal installation! For a map of 15Mb zipped, installation takes 45 seconds while with a traditional, must be close to 32 minutes!!

You can keep three servers favorites, selected from the top window from the dropdown menu. These three servers are by default, your game server, your web server using the variable sv_downloadurl (with or without bzip2) and a possible test server.

Note that even if your FTP login and pass you are requested to use this function, they are not stored in our databases to ensure the security of your data.
17 SMI (17's Buddies Steam Map Installer)
Deprecated, replaced by HLBox17b (see above).
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17 IMS (17's Buddies Integrator Map System)
Deprecated, replaced by HLBox17b (see above).
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Random Maps
Community 17b
Good job!
08-23-2023 at 4:29 PM
Arkshine, plz trash url=[/url] maps as duplicate.
08-23-2023 at 5:20 PM
I can't download maps. Always getting error: `An error occurred during the operation:

Internal error in the MySQL database.

Please check your data. In doubt, thank you for reporting this error to the forum.`
08-23-2023 at 5:22 PM
When downloading zzero_fortaleza_ map I get error 'file not found on disk'.
09-01-2023 at 3:13 PM
Moderation error: 'Archive not found, unreadable or doesn't contain any file'.
09-01-2023 at 3:13 PM
I cannot download any map since yesterday.
09-06-2023 at 12:51 AM
Does the issue still happen? Looks good for me.
09-10-2023 at 12:25 AM
@Arkshine : Erreur SQL au moment du DL
09-11-2023 at 10:49 AM
Again the error:
'Internal error in the MySQL database.'

When I'm not logged in, it's impossible to solve the captcha at the moment.
09-15-2023 at 8:28 AM
'Internal error in the MySQL database.'

Seems the site is totally broken now - who wants to visit 17buddies without the ability to download maps?
09-18-2023 at 12:50 PM
I was able to download yesterday ( around 5PM ).
Don't get me wrong, I'm aware of the situation ( scroll up to see my posts about this ) but you just have to try every day and cross your fingers it works.
No proper management of the site's functionality...
09-18-2023 at 1:12 PM
It's hard to tell when it works for me (logged in or not). at first glance server is fine, but since website is unchanged, i guess there is a system update which changed the behavior of something. Will try to see If I can figure out the issue.
09-19-2023 at 2:02 AM
For sure, having a directory with 25M (yes, million) session files is not going to help. smiley"
09-19-2023 at 1:21 PM
Thank you for your response and good luck fixing the issues. smiley
09-19-2023 at 3:20 PM
No worries Arkshine, I have also done webdev so I can understand that it is tough to deal with issues smiley

After Chapo left, are you managing site alone? Do you also make code changes or only managing server/database?
09-20-2023 at 3:04 PM
I'm managing alone, yes. I can dev if necessary but I don't have enough time to do more than fixing issues. For now, I'm trying to keep the thing alive.
09-20-2023 at 6:08 PM
Nice, thanks for your efforts smiley
09-21-2023 at 5:06 AM
Yes, thank you Arkshine!
For the moment you are our only hope...
09-23-2023 at 2:22 PM
09-28-2023 at 8:09 PM
This might be useful for gui bsp editing
10-09-2023 at 8:35 PM
Both this site and forum:
10-16-2023 at 1:53 PM
Sorry, it's back. SSL Certificates are supposed to be renewed automatically, but for some reason, it's not working anymore (even though it's properly configured). smiley
10-18-2023 at 1:11 PM
Is it possible to re-upload map files here? For the first time I did not add some files to WinRaR. It seems like admins have to manually look, but nothing has happened for several days and the complete map is also not being downloaded. Does it make sense to wait or re-upload the map to the server?!
11-16-2023 at 8:45 PM
Kirito files added.
11-18-2023 at 10:06 PM
LiveWire thanks smiley
11-18-2023 at 11:59 PM
Arkshine, we need to do something about registering new mappers. The last time a new user was approved was in July! We urgently need to change something. And the sooner the better! If you need help with something, let me know.
11-24-2023 at 1:32 PM
Well, I've removed the admin validation, let's see how it goes.
12-02-2023 at 2:28 PM
Hey Guys smiley
12-05-2023 at 12:16 PM
12-07-2023 at 4:10 PM
Ch40$ smiley
12-07-2023 at 7:21 PM
void Je Ne Sais Pas Quoi Dire Alors,...
  11-04-2023 at 7:10 PM by V3nom
void Deletion Request Of 2 Maps
  08-15-2023 at 9:44 PM by Arkshine
void My New Request
  07-21-2023 at 11:45 PM by Arkshine
void Incorrect Name For Dod_koln
  07-15-2023 at 1:37 AM by Dr. Y. J. Shazbot
void (rmf) De_christmas_on_a_newplanet
  07-10-2022 at 6:29 AM by mikado
void De_anarchy.pwf
  06-20-2022 at 9:08 AM by mikado
void Cs_shadow Download Bug
  05-29-2022 at 5:46 PM by mikado

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