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Screen uploaded  04-13-2020 by Cupe
Creative Commons Licence
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Theme: Not specified
Overview: No
Waypoints: No
Slots: 4
Last Download: 02-15-2024
Uploaded:  04-13-2020 by Cupe
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Community 17b
FairPlayCS2 can you just check the right version is on now
01-01-2024 at 1:54 PM
You don't need to fix anything, nevermind, i fixed it, files are correct
01-01-2024 at 2:22 PM
Also only Worldcraft? There's a lot of good editors out there currently - TrenchBroom, Quark, Sledge, JACK
01-02-2024 at 5:51 AM
I know about JACK. I need to learn something simple first, and I kinda did it - I made two arena maps and I'm fine with that. Maybe one day I will be able to do something more complicated, just like Ukrop228 does... But thank you!
01-02-2024 at 6:16 AM
What is better - Sledge or JACK?
01-02-2024 at 6:19 AM
Sledge development has been abandoned. JACK is still getting updates but it has become paid recently.

HL Anniversary update maps were made using both TrenchBroom and JACK.
01-02-2024 at 6:04 PM
Tools used to make each new deathmatch map from the update:
contamination.bsp - J.A.C.K. 1.1.1064, VHLT v33
disposal.bsp - Trenchbroom, VHLT v34
pool_party.bsp - J.A.C.K. 1.1.2800, VHLT v34
rocket_frenzy.bsp - J.A.C.K. 1.1.1064, VHLT v34
01-02-2024 at 6:04 PM
I'm guessing TrenchBroom and JACK which still receive updates are preferred by the community.
01-02-2024 at 6:05 PM
Thanks to a GB member called Yui for the map-tool related info above
01-02-2024 at 6:06 PM
map this 50 maps limit annoys me
01-25-2024 at 3:33 AM
disable it
01-25-2024 at 3:33 AM
01-25-2024 at 3:33 AM
You can still download after reaching the limit.
Highlighting all the files & click "Download selection" underneeth does the trick smiley
Must say the download speed is greatly decreased though.
P.s.: I've noticed that even before the limit is reached. After the 25th download or so, the download speed suddenly is much slower.
Anyone else experiencing that?
01-27-2024 at 3:40 PM
My advice is to make a list of all the maps/resources you want to download in 1 session and sort them by size.
Start your download spree with the biggest filesizes & work your way down the list.
Reason is the reduced download speed afterwards.
01-27-2024 at 3:44 PM
I'm pretty sure that's a bug...
Why is there a limit in the first place if you can circumvent/bypass this restriction.
01-27-2024 at 3:48 PM
Ah yeah, by using the "Download selection" method, all the files are in 1 place inside the winzip so you have to manually create the folders, ( like "gfx/env", "maps", "models", etc ) and even maybe subfolders if required.
01-27-2024 at 3:58 PM
Best not to try to bypass the limit, it would be sad to lose 17buddies due to server costs.
01-27-2024 at 4:39 PM
I'm not mass downloading anymore.
And back in time when I was, I did not know this method either, so I was stuck with the limit as well & came back on another day.
01-27-2024 at 4:56 PM
Maybe Arkshine can solve this bug? I dunno if it's a complicated issue or not? I'm a total noob on that front.
Add check for IP when clicking "Download selection" in order to prevent the bypass...
So basically the same as the big red download button.
01-27-2024 at 4:58 PM
hi guys
Add me on steam 2 play together on some good maps or cool servers
01-27-2024 at 6:29 PM
Ill come for a game of Left 4 dead 2 smiley
01-27-2024 at 7:35 PM
Can I get a 17Buddies Admin contact me... I tried to get ahold of Arkshine but never got a response. Thank You
02-06-2024 at 2:22 AM
What is the issue?
02-13-2024 at 3:59 PM
Just created an awesome topic - (Link) join us! smiley
02-13-2024 at 7:44 PM
Hey fam fix the site please
02-14-2024 at 11:41 PM
Nothing can be downloaded, it says server doesn't respond
02-14-2024 at 11:41 PM
There is one map, there is a bunker in the middle, the terrain is covered with grass and trenches.In the background, there are constant sounds of gunshots, bombs,grenates etc... I cant remember map name,if anzbodz can help me.
02-16-2024 at 12:13 PM
Which game is the map for?
02-16-2024 at 2:08 PM
That map is for C's 1.6
02-17-2024 at 12:01 AM
Sorry, I don't recall that one
02-19-2024 at 3:28 PM
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