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03-07-2020 by X-RAY
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!coolant5 !floor_rob !mwater +0_coolant +0aux_pwr +0ba_oldmed +0coolant +0ele_cntrl +0game +0hand_lock +0~TRK2_LIGHT1 +0~ba_elev2 +0~ba_elev_pan +0~ba_gad01 +0~battery1 +0~battery2 +0~fgen_sw2 +0~payload +0~pipe_blow +0~pwr_ind_01 +0~screen_01 +0~tele_light +1game +1~ba_elev2 +1~ba_elev_pan +1~screen_01 +2game +2~ba_elev2 +2~ba_elev_pan +2~screen_01 +3game +3~ba_elev2 +3~ba_elev_pan +4game +5game +6game +7game +A~TRK2_LIGHT1 +A~ba_gad01 +A~fgen_sw2 +A~pwr_ind_01 +A~screen_01 +a_coolant +aaux_pwr +aba_oldmed +acoolant +aele_cntrl +agame +ahand_lock +a~ba_elev2 +a~ba_elev_pan +a~payload +a~pipe_blow +a~tele_light 0c2a4_cor2 0drkmtls1 0generic86 0genpipe1 0gymlight 0light4a 0light5a 0light6a 0tnnl_lgt4 18whl_floor 18whl_outside 18whl_small 1c2a4_cor2 2out_rk3 Gravel01 SIGN_machinery ba_babtech8 ba_barrel_01 ba_barrel_02 ba_barreltop_02 ba_baseblue ba_basewall_04b ba_books ba_c1a0_c1 ba_c2a4d_panel ba_cargo_01 ba_cargo_02 ba_cargo_03 ba_cargo_04 ba_ceramic ba_co2_sign ba_cola_01 ba_crate_01 ba_crate_02 ba_crate_03 ba_crate_04 ba_crate_05 ba_crate_06 ba_crete_01 ba_crete_flr ba_crete_flr3 ba_crete_trim_1 ba_cttnk ba_door_split_1 ba_dr_cntrl_01 ba_fgen_01 ba_fgen_02 ba_fgen_03 ba_fgen_04 ba_fgen_05 ba_fgen_06 ba_fifties_cse2 ba_fifties_cse3 ba_fifties_lgt2 ba_fifts_lght01 ba_fifts_lgt01 ba_flatbed_01 ba_fntn_drain ba_focuser_01 ba_focuser_02 ba_focuser_03 ba_food_01 ba_freezer_01 ba_freezer_02 ba_frost_01 ba_gamepanel ba_gastank_01 ba_gen_01 ba_gen_012 ba_gen_metal_01 ba_gen_metal_02 ba_gen_metal_03 ba_lab3_flr4 ba_labflre ba_lamp01 ba_light01 ba_light_yellow ba_manhole_01 ba_names1 ba_names2 ba_names3 ba_names4 ba_ngin_side ba_oil_01 ba_oldmed_side ba_oldmed_top ba_out_crt2a ba_out_cuby ba_out_cuby1 ba_out_w3 ba_padlock_02 ba_padlock_02a ba_padlock_02b ba_pguage ba_pizzamenu ba_plywd ba_pow_reactor1 ba_pow_reactor2 ba_power_03 ba_propaganda1 ba_propaganda2 ba_propaganda3 ba_pwr_01 ba_pwr_02 ba_pwr_04 ba_pwr_05 ba_rail_cntrl_1 ba_rechargea ba_rechargeb ba_rechargec ba_roof_01 ba_sign_01 ba_sign_02 ba_sign_03 ba_sign_05 ba_sign_08 ba_sign_11 ba_sign_12 ba_sign_13 ba_sign_14 ba_sign_15 ba_sign_16 ba_sign_17 ba_sign_18 ba_sign_20 ba_sign_21 ba_sign_23 ba_sign_26 ba_sign_27 ba_sign_28 ba_sign_29 ba_sign_30 ba_sign_31 ba_sign_32 ba_sign_33 ba_sign_34 ba_sign_35 ba_sign_40 ba_sign_dan_01 ba_sign_elevato ba_sign_press ba_sign_wall1 ba_sign_wall2 ba_sign_wall3 ba_sign_wall4 ba_silo5 ba_snacks_01 ba_steel_01 ba_strwell_01 ba_strwell_02 ba_swheel ba_tacomenu ba_tankrear ba_telepanel1 ba_telepanel2 ba_telepanel3 ba_telepanel4 ba_telesign1 ba_telesign2 ba_tire_02 ba_tnnl_flr ba_tnnl_flr2 ba_tnnl_lgt1 ba_track_out_1 ba_track_out_3 ba_track_out_4 ba_track_out_5 ba_track_out_6 ba_tracks_02 ba_train_parts ba_trn_lt1 ba_truck_engine ba_wd_crate_01 ba_wd_crate_02 ba_wd_crate_03 ba_wd_crate_04 ba_wire3 barrel_blu_01 barrel_bttm_01 barrel_grn_01 barrel_org_01 barrel_org_02 barrel_red_01 barrel_red_02 barrel_top_01 battery1 battery2 battery3 blk_trk_bed blk_trk_caback blk_trk_dash blk_trk_indoor blk_trk_rim blk_trk_shocks blk_trk_tire brrl_bot_02 brrl_cool_01 brrl_cool_02 brrl_cool_03 brrl_cool_04 brrl_cool_05 brrl_top_01 brrl_top_02 c2a4_wav_off cat_front cat_inside cat_side cat_side_02 caution_org_01 caution_org_02 comp_02 crate_01 crate_02 crate_04 crate_05 crate_06 crate_07 crate_08 crate_09 crate_unbrk_01 crate_unbrk_02 crate_unbrk_03 crate_unbrk_04 crate_unbrk_05 crate_wd_01 crate_wd_02 crate_wd_03 crate_wd_04 crete_wall_01 crete_wires1 crete_wires2 door_big_01 door_green door_green_02 door_grmy_01 door_grmy_02 drawer_metal dynamic_duo ele_panel_01 elev_door_01 game_01 game_02 game_04 hand_lock_01 hint in_out_butt laptop_1 light1_dead locker_pic1 locker_pic2 machine_base1 machine_base2 manhole_cover metal_a_01 metal_a_02 metal_a_03 metal_a_04 metal_ccu metalwall_01 mil_crate_1 mil_crate_2 payload_01 payload_02 payload_03 pic_02 pic_03 pipe_red_01 pipe_rusty_01 power_meter_01 red_fade_01 s_locker scroll_water_05 scroll_wtr_grn scroll_xen_fall scrollclnt5 scrollwater4b sec_monitor1 sec_monitor2 sec_monitor3 sign_acc_pnt_b0 sign_aux_gen_01 sign_aux_react sign_b03 sign_bridge_01 sign_cool_pmp sign_direct_01 sign_direct_02 sign_displc_01 sign_drain_exit sign_east_01 sign_elev_01 sign_exp_mat_01 sign_flood sign_gen_y sign_lift_contr sign_n_tnnl sign_n_tnnl2 sign_out_a_or sign_pizza_01 sign_press sign_pwr_01 sign_pwr_cell sign_s_tnnl sign_s_tnnl2 sign_small sign_taco_01 sign_tnnl_01 sign_tunnel sign_waste sign_waste_02 silo2_p2b silo2_pan2 spinner stucco_01 sub_lt_off table_01 testify tire_01 tire_02 tire_03 tnnl_w12d4a towels_front towels_side tram_map_01 tuner_01 wall_brick_drk_ wall_fade_01 wall_fade_02 wall_green wall_gry_pnt_01 wood_panel_01 wood_spool wood_spool_02 wood_trim_01 xcrate_exp_01 xcrate_exp_02 xcrate_exp_03 xeno_tile_01 yellow2 yellow3 yellow_fade {ba_pizza {clothes_01 {clothes_02 {fence {gate_01 {grate_04 {labbrd4b {pallet_01 {railing_04 {sign_pizza_02 {sign_taco_02 {water_fntn7 ~scope_crys4
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Community 17b
bonjour , Safety1st quand pense tu pouvoir supprimer la map maison elle ne vaut rien il y a juste un player dessus maps fait juste pour envoyer des wad et le wad son présent merci @
02-20-2020 at 6:27 PM
02-20-2020 at 6:39 PM
S3B, you shouldn't hide anymore, it's time to come back.
02-20-2020 at 8:34 PM
@mikado please forget about me. I'm just not so perfect to handle your attention smiley
02-20-2020 at 8:55 PM
@Safety1st: Yes, it already was time consuming before but considering the amount of maps I still wanna test... On some days there's almost no free time left for other things when for example a map has many issues. I simply can't continue like this smiley

@Igrik: What makes you think this way? smiley
02-21-2020 at 11:33 AM
salut il est dommage que tu le prennent comme cela j'ai fait des effort avec toi en me tapant un traducteur mais tu ne répond pas a mes demande alors en plus tu te place comme un gas que l'on arcelle dommage que tu le prennent comme ca
bon je toublie mais toi aussi a plus peut être
02-21-2020 at 6:19 PM
Lol tu galères à parler et comprendre l'anglais, mais pas que l'anglais aussi. RIP la langue française smiley
02-22-2020 at 11:15 PM
02-23-2020 at 5:14 AM
quand je pense que le site 7buddies et d'origine français alors cela me fout les boulles a essayer de comprendre le petit chinoi de la traduction lol
02-23-2020 at 9:44 AM
人无完人 =

Personne n'est parfait
bon mais ras le bol
02-27-2020 at 5:12 PM
Why is my shout of yesterday gone & why is last screenshot removed instead of first one from (Link) like I asked? Who did this?
First one was uploaded by someone else. Yesterday I uploaded screenshots including 2 overviews ( in-game & overlay ). So I ask
03-04-2020 at 11:50 AM
again to delete the first one ( with the GREEN background ). I'll re-up the overview AFTER it's being removed so nobody can delete the wrong one.
03-04-2020 at 11:54 AM
I have uploaded a main screen for this map since the one now displays a different ( incorrect ) skybox. Anyone who can replace this?
03-04-2020 at 2:02 PM
rUsHnUt, please mind, not everything that was uploaded by someone else before you is wrong and should be deleted.
03-04-2020 at 2:18 PM
Ok, I understand & agree.
Would look better though to have both overview files together @ the end of all the screens smiley ( that was my only intention ).
Too bad you guys can't switch positions of already uploaded screenies smiley
03-04-2020 at 5:01 PM
03-06-2020 at 10:12 AM
I knew that Chapo exists!
03-06-2020 at 11:48 AM
And I know :P
03-07-2020 at 2:33 AM
03-13-2020 at 3:36 PM
je n'arrive as a envoyer les screen desoler
03-13-2020 at 3:47 PM
autent pour moi rêgler @
03-13-2020 at 3:59 PM
bonjour ,non mais que fait ce sakshi a placer des message qui non rien a voir avec counter srtike
03-14-2020 at 5:43 PM
Я не вижу карту, отправленную домой. Bы можете понять, почему, пожалуйста, спасибо, я думаю, это потому, что старая все еще активна.
03-15-2020 at 5:40 PM
fichier non trouve sur le disc
FR”SANA1 a voir
03-15-2020 at 6:58 PM
Someone knows how i can remove screenshoots that i added in place where map publishs?
03-16-2020 at 7:23 PM
attention 00_ARENA.BSP est mal zipée il faut supprimer les bsp qui est ecrit deux fois comme ceci ceci n'est pas bon
03-16-2020 at 10:32 PM
enfin supprimer le bsp dans cette archive et cela marcheras
03-16-2020 at 10:36 PM
cette map a un problème de texture qui fait mal au yeux a corriger BHOP_BIRDHOUSE
03-16-2020 at 10:38 PM
bonjour qui a le .rmf de cette map BHOP_BIRDHOUSE
03-21-2020 at 2:12 AM
Any one else got problems downloading with firefox v74?
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