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Random Maps
Community 17b
DB error - Downloading is not possilbe atm.
03-25-2024 at 11:24 AM
03-29-2024 at 1:48 PM
Recently I got some more lost CS 1.6 maps from 00s. I don't have that much motivation to upload it all as it takes a lot of time, but one day maybe I will upload it all.
03-31-2024 at 11:04 AM
@FairPlayCS2: Just upload the whole archive on a file hoster and post the link here. People will check it and post missing maps on the site.
04-02-2024 at 12:18 PM
its not dust2_pro
04-05-2024 at 7:43 PM
@Freimaurer, they don't smiley
04-06-2024 at 8:02 PM
Whenever I try to download a file I get an error and it says to check my data!
04-06-2024 at 11:26 PM
Internal error in the MySQL database.
04-06-2024 at 11:28 PM
Anyone have the ancient aim_2004?
04-07-2024 at 8:04 AM
Ahh nvm, from old FPSB screenshots I can tell it's the same as aim_map2004
04-07-2024 at 8:05 AM
@LiveWire, clean your inbox, it is time ?
04-07-2024 at 2:00 PM
smiley instead of ?
It was an Emoji.
04-07-2024 at 2:01 PM
Gave it a clean smiley some messages are from 2014 smiley
04-07-2024 at 7:42 PM
Why can't I download any prefabs for cs 1.6?
04-11-2024 at 8:01 PM
Can any ADMIN change my freakin name?
04-11-2024 at 9:12 PM
Btw can't download anything, gives me error SQL or something alike
04-11-2024 at 9:13 PM
Same here - SQL error smiley
04-13-2024 at 1:00 PM
fix error pls
04-14-2024 at 6:09 PM
Looks fine for me. Does it still happen?
04-14-2024 at 6:54 PM
Working well!
Thanks @Arkshine smiley
04-14-2024 at 7:08 PM
@Arkshine - getting error for specific maps like (Link)
04-15-2024 at 7:50 PM
@Parabol I can download the file without issue
04-15-2024 at 8:16 PM
Also looks like SSL certificate expired
04-15-2024 at 8:17 PM
The auto renewal of the SSL certificates stopped to work. I have to figure out why. It's renewed for now.
04-17-2024 at 10:53 AM
@ParaBolt, I can download the file without issue
04-17-2024 at 10:54 AM
Yeah works now! I guess I get the SQL database error occasionally randomly. Well no worries.
04-17-2024 at 11:38 AM
@Arkshine, sorry but it seems issue reappears after a few hours. Same as this topic - (Link)
04-19-2024 at 6:18 AM
Still database error, please fix this bug asap
Yesterday at 6:26 PM
I have noticed that I can DL properly within a certain timeframe - today it worked for me at 1:30-3:30 AM UTC.

Maybe that can help in solving the problem?
Yesterday at 8:21 PM
Can't download any maps. Same error as others. "Internal error in the MySQL database."
Yesterday at 10:43 PM
void Can't Download.
 Yesterday at 10:49 PM by iPlayer
void Не дает скачать карту
  04-16-2024 at 10:48 AM by Vasya
void How To Play The Slope Unblocked Game?
  04-05-2024 at 12:22 PM by mylajuun
void Modifying Map - How Difficult
  04-03-2024 at 3:14 AM by whitneywright1
void Empty Summary Of 2 Maps
  04-01-2024 at 4:04 AM by whitneywright1
void The Diverse World Of Online Game Genres
  03-20-2024 at 9:41 AM by digici
void A Quoi Vous Jouez En Ce Moment ?
  03-12-2024 at 10:50 AM by alihanima
void League Of Legend
  03-07-2024 at 4:59 AM by terbja
void Searching For Old Css Map
  02-27-2024 at 5:19 PM by Thrackerzod

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