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Community 17b
Yeah works now! I guess I get the SQL database error occasionally randomly. Well no worries.
04-17-2024 at 11:38 AM
@Arkshine, sorry but it seems issue reappears after a few hours. Same as this topic - (Link)
04-19-2024 at 6:18 AM
Still database error, please fix this bug asap
04-23-2024 at 6:26 PM
I have noticed that I can DL properly within a certain timeframe - today it worked for me at 1:30-3:30 AM UTC.

Maybe that can help in solving the problem?
04-23-2024 at 8:21 PM
Can't download any maps. Same error as others. "Internal error in the MySQL database."
04-23-2024 at 10:43 PM
Will this ever be fixed?
04-28-2024 at 8:08 PM
hey boiz, I'm looking for a map, hope you can help
04-29-2024 at 2:41 PM
It was set in something like a Spanish village and it had a train station with a timetable, ticket booths and all that, and loads of decorations, it was really nice-looking.

It had this Renaissance feel to it, walls decorated with sculptures and paintings.
04-29-2024 at 2:47 PM
I think it was a defuse map but I'm not sure. CTs spawned in like a town square with a fountain in the middle and there were fruit/vegetable stalls I think. Any clues? I'd be forever grateful.
04-29-2024 at 2:47 PM
Can you add sorting by time admins?
05-02-2024 at 9:16 PM
I said superdumb stuff, nevermind, this time of search already exists :D
05-02-2024 at 9:16 PM
The bug seems to be session related. During the day, I can't download maps as a user (MySQL error) or as a guest (captcha is never accepted).
But at night, captcha starts working when I'm a guest. And if I log in from a private window, I can download maps, too. But using the window I was already logged it still leads to that error.

It is 23:30 UTC right now and the site works in a
05-03-2024 at 12:41 AM
still can't download, is this website abandoned or what???
05-05-2024 at 6:20 PM
The site isn't abandoned, it's a passion project from a very small group, I'm sure. You just have to be patient and I'm sure it'll get resolved when the owners have time.
05-06-2024 at 12:08 AM
it doesn't work
05-08-2024 at 1:17 PM
We can not download maps. Will you fix this error or should we not wait in vain?
05-08-2024 at 11:31 PM
Looks like nobody can fix it
05-09-2024 at 5:16 PM
@Dr. Y. J. Shazbot: The problem exists for many weeks now ... it's not new. I would say you can call this website as abandoned even if you can upload new maps
05-11-2024 at 1:48 PM
still cant download
05-14-2024 at 1:12 PM
Yesterday I managed to do some downloads, after creating the account and skipping the captcha that always fail, today this MySQL error started to appear.
Very good website! Don't abandon it, you can fill it with adds, we'll click on them all to help you hahahaha
05-14-2024 at 7:20 PM
I hear you, I can't reproduce on my side, but I will take a look as soon as I can.
05-15-2024 at 3:41 PM
it's working now except guests
05-15-2024 at 4:55 PM
Not for me. "Internal error in the MySQL database." Regardless of the web browser.
05-16-2024 at 12:39 AM
Now work!
05-16-2024 at 3:50 PM
its not working again..
05-16-2024 at 4:30 PM
@Arkshine if you want, i can give my cookies to reproduce this
05-16-2024 at 4:50 PM
Je n'arrive plus à télécharger quoi que ce soit depuis plusieurs jours. Le site perdra alors de plus en plus d’utilisateurs.
05-17-2024 at 3:51 AM
Nice site smiley smiley smiley
Yesterday at 10:05 AM
Internal error in the MySQL database
Yesterday at 12:45 PM
get this error on download any map


An error occurred during the operation:

Internal error in the MySQL database.

Please check your data. In doubt, thank you for reporting this error to the forum.
Today at 2:18 AM
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